Decision Analysis

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Why Founders Need to Design Experiments

Designing Seed Stage Experiments The most successful entrepreneurs are passionate learners; they seek to acquire in-depth knowledge about their business as quickly as possible on


Evaluating Seed-Stage Startups

A Rubric for Evaluating Seed-Stage Investments 2.5 This is an updated version of our much-read original investment rubric. Read our quick FAQs about the Ulu

FreeWill NYC

Raising $3M a Day for Nonprofits

When we first met Ulupreneur Jenny Xia Spradling, Co-CEO of FreeWill, she talked about how hard nonprofits were struggling to raise money and firmly believed

David White

Negotiating for Lasting Change

Whether he was setting up lemonade stands or hawking items at the local flea market with his mother, David P. White was a born entrepreneur:

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Why Seed Stage is Key in Venture

Key Trends in Seed Stage Venture There has been a “sea change” in seed stage venture over the last decade. The most dramatic changes are

Miriam Rivera giving speech

The Passionate Pioneer

Hispanic Heritage Month – Miriam Rivera “Miriam Rivera, Co-founder, Managing Director and CEO of Ulu Ventures, is one of the leading Latinas in US venture capital,

​​Eutiquio "Tiq" Chapa

The Latinx Networker

Hispanic Heritage Month – Tiq Chapa “Tiq Chapa is a MBA Associate at Ulu.  A Stanford undergrad, he is currently getting his MBA at the University

Alejandro Martinez, co-founder MatrixDS

The Decision Analyst

Hispanic Heritage Month – Alejandro Martinez “Alejandro Martinez is co-founder of MatrixDS, a platform that helps companies create, share, and collaborate on data projects. He was

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