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When SAFEs Aren’t SAFE

As seed-stage investors, we at Ulu Ventures are lucky to cross paths with entrepreneurs who are tackling the next great set of challenges across the


Evaluating Seed-Stage Startups

A Rubric for Evaluating Seed-Stage Investments 2.5 This is an updated version of our much-read original investment rubric. Read our quick FAQs about the Ulu

Diverse workers in conference

Promoting Diversity on Startup Boards

Founders have a responsibility to their investors to try and create the best outcome. Having diverse board members makes fiduciary sense because companies where boards

Mind the Gap

Healthcare Investing: Mind the Gap

As a millennial, I’ve mostly thought of and interacted with healthcare as a discrete service, something to activate only when I need it, or something

Seedlings up close

Why Seed Stage is Key in Venture

Key Trends in Seed Stage Venture There has been a “sea change” in seed stage venture over the last decade. The most dramatic changes are

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Changing Assets Under Management

Ulu Ventures CEO and Managing Director Miriam Rivera urges industry leaders in venture capital to make a concerted effort to invest in diverse managers. Changing

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Seed Stage Investing 101

What makes Ulu Ventures excited about investing in a startup? Managing Director Clint Korver talks about the essentials founders need before Ulu makes the decision

Hundred dollar bills fanned out in hands.

Changing Access to Capital

  Ulu Ventures changes access to capital by following multiple strategies. We invest in diverse founding teams ourselves. We’ve built a methodology to help us

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