Why Founders Need to Design Experiments

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Designing Seed Stage Experiments

The most successful entrepreneurs are passionate learners; they seek to acquire in-depth knowledge about their business as quickly as possible on their path to building a sustainable, scalable business model. One of the best ways to do that is through experimentation.

At Ulu, we have three criteria for founders designing an effective learning experiment: it should be relevant, material, and economic. Market studies can take months, but small, cheap experiments can result in great, actionable knowledge. Take a deep dive into why experiments matter with Ulu Ventures Co-Founder and Managing Director, Clint Korver, as he highlights one Ulu portfolio company that ran focused, successful experiments early on. Less than a decade later, that company became a unicorn.

You can listen to or watch Clint as he breaks down a topic of interest to all founders.

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Rusty Dornin
Rusty Dornin
Rusty Dornin is the director of marketing and communications for Ulu Ventures. An award-winning radio and television journalist, she was a CNN correspondent for nearly 18 years covering domestic and world news ranging from war to natural disasters and tales of crime and politics.
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