Ulupreneurs in the news

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Yahoo Finance interviewed Kristy Kim about how the SVB collapse caused havoc in fintech but provided valuable insights.

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Business Insider highlighted Kristy Kim, CEO of Tomo Credit, along with two other female CEOs, focusing on why single women in the US own more homes than men, even though they earn less.

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NBC News featured a piece on SUMA Wealth and interviewed CEO Beatriz Acevedo about how an app can help build generational wealth.

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TechCrunch and several other media outlets headlined SPAN’s $96M Series B2 raise.

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Hey Jane

Inc. featured Kiki Freedman, CEO of Hey Jane on  Female Founders 200, a list of entrepreneurs transforming the future.

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Fortune interviewed Guild Education CEO Rachel Romer about the firm’s shift to expand beyond education.

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Barron’s interviewed Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck about bank failures, raising money and enriching women.

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Forbes featured BetterUp in an article about the platform, providing clarity to its mission of human transformation.

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