Champions of seed

We are your biggest champion. We’ve spent decades building and investing in all phases of startup life. Diverse in background and experience, we can’t wait to meet you.

Champion of the underdog and the longshot

CEO/Cofounder/Managing Director

Miriam Rivera

I’m an inner-city, Spanish-speaking-first, free-lunch kid born out of wedlock to a mother who initially had less than an 8th-grade education. Most people wrote off kids like me. But they didn’t—and most VCs still don’t—get that while such realities can destroy anyone’s spirit, a little faith can make all the difference!

Champion of independent thinkers

Cofounder, Managing Director

Clint Korver

I love learning, but I really love those aha moments when the light bulb turns on and a big idea comes into focus; especially if they lead to a “holy sh*t” moment, when I realize I will forever see the world differently because of this insight.

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