Negotiating for Lasting Change

David White

Whether he was setting up lemonade stands or hawking items at the local flea market with his mother, David P. White was a born entrepreneur: he and his uncle even worked on a grand scheme to disrupt Dairy Queen franchises by establishing a specialty ice cream shop in Detroit, where his father grew up. That dream didn’t become a reality—but he learned a valuable lesson from his uncle, who continued to buy properties while trying to keep rents manageable for struggling parents. That lesson was “doing well while doing good.” It became one of David’s favorite mottoes.

He’s never strayed far from the insight that combining big ideas, hard work, and access to financing are the necessary tools for shifting the world around us. He holds fast to the belief that we have the power to change lives, industries, and communities.

David’s accomplishments and credentials are impressive, but his character is even more so. Ulu co-founder Clint Korver has had the privilege of knowing David in a variety of contexts, from undergrad classes to the Grinnell Board of Trustees, to becoming a Venture Partner at Ulu Ventures. David is a master at skillfully navigating contentious organizational issues and bringing people together despite strongly held differences of opinion. He brings incredible insights on the media and entertainment industry as well as deep experience with US financial institutions, serving as deputy chair of the San Francisco Federal Reserve. David’s expertise brings a unique perspective to the investment process—a valuable asset in light of Ulu’s focus on next-generation fintech. He is a gifted leader with a lovely sense of humor, and all of us at Ulu feel privileged to call him our colleague and our friend.

About David White

David is a Venture Partner at Ulu Ventures. He has been an executive, strategic advisor, and board member for some of the most prominent entertainment and financial organizations in the world. He is the immediate past CEO and Chief Negotiator of Screen Actors Guild (SAG-AFTRA), and continues to serve as a strategic advisor to the world’s largest entertainment and media union, with 165,000 members worldwide. He is also a Strategy Advisor to USC’s Center for the Digital Future, an independent director for the global consulting firm RGP, and a deputy chair at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco.

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