Why Seed Stage is Key in Venture

Seedlings up close

Key Trends in Seed Stage Venture

There has been a “sea change” in seed stage venture over the last decade. The most dramatic changes are the influx of seed firms and the size of the rounds. Ten years ago there were perhaps 100 seed stage firms, today there are probably closer to two thousand. While it’s a lot cheaper to start a company now with cloud-based services etc., a big reason for the increase is that the traditional early stage investors have all moved upstream. Big firms on Sandhill Road used to write $5M checks now they want to write closer to $20M.

Ulu Ventures Co-founder and Managing Director Clint Korver explores how firms can stay in the seed-stage game and succeed and perhaps the bigger question: how can they scale? And why Ulu believes seed stage is where we can make the biggest difference by giving diverse entrepreneurs a shot.

You can listen or watch Clint’s examination of the trend.

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Picture of Clint Korver
Clint Korver
Clint is co-founder and managing director of Ulu Ventures
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