Recent Investments

Supercircle logo

SuperCircle’s tech platform and reverse logistics system links retail with the waste management industry to help eliminate post-consumer clothing waste. SuperCircle has been built alongside some of the world’s best retail partners and in coalition with industry leaders.


Lokker’s software focuses on online privacy, providing state-of-the-art SaaS solutions to corporate marketers and tech teams looking to deliver modern tools for safer and more private web experiences.

Novel Capital Logo

Novel is a fin-tech platform using revenue-based financing to support a more varied subset of entrepreneurs, who may not have the growth metrics for a venture round quite yet. Novel has provided hundreds of SaaS companies with over $90 million in non-dilutive capital.

Boombox logo

Boombox designs software to empower remote musicians by offering tools that allow artists to collaborate on songwriting and manage song splits with just a few clicks.

KaiPod Learning logo

KaiPod Learning is a network of in-person microschools where students learn at their own pace, explore their passions, and develop their skills to take on the world.

pando logo

Pando is a platform where members can commit a small portion of their income to a shared pool. The funds then get divided up equally each year. Pando has helped more than 400 professional baseball players pool their income and has now expanded to assist other professionals.

Cerebro Capital

Cerebro Capital’s platform is a corporate lending marketplace. It automatically matches mid-market businesses with more than 2,200 top bank and non-bank lenders with proven data-driven solutions.

Avatour logo

Avatour provides a virtual meeting platform that combines 360° video with real-time communication, giving remote users full spatial context and enabling more effective collaboration with on-site personnel. It can effectively be used for remote inspections, virtual tours, and location-based training.

CoreChain Logo

CoreChain is a platform built for scale and security on enterprise blockchain to streamline the exchange of B2B payments, funds, and transaction data, and it enables customers to unlock tied-up working capital. To date, the firm has processed more than $1B in B2B payments.

Mon Ami logo

Mon Ami is an operating system designed specifically for aging and disability services agencies to make everything—from case management to telephone reassurance—easier through automation, integrations, and thoughtful design. Mon Ami is a Fund IV company.

Interface Bio logo

Interface Biosciences is a therapeutic platform for natural products discovery. The firm identifies low-toxicity, immune modulating, microbial metabolites with the mission of treating chronic inflammatory diseases. Interface Bio is a Fund III company.

ADEii Logo

ADEii Health is a mental health platform that addresses the clinician shortage and service demand gaps by providing pre-clinicians residency opportunities to earn their licenses and thus grow the workforce, and getting people immediacy-based treatment at scale. ADEii is a Fund III company.

Lilium is bringing gene therapy to the masses through novel gene delivery vectors that overcome the barriers with existing approaches. This enables them to treat millions of patients who have prevalent and untreatable diseases across numerous therapeutic areas.

Compound Foods

Compound Foods/Minus leverages low impact inputs into high value products using fermentation. Their first product, Minus Coffee, is a beanless coffee; same delicious taste minus the environmental impact.

Vaxess engineers novel technologies that uniquely engage the human immune system, enabling improved efficacy and simplified access for vaccines and therapeutics. They recently partnered with AstraZeneca to develop skin patch mRNA vaccines for influenza pandemics. Vaxess is a Fund IV investment.

dwellsy logo

Dwellsy is a comprehensive residential rentals marketplace based on the concept that organic search in a free ecosystem creates more value than the pay-to-play model embraced by rental listing services. Dwellsy has more than 12M listings―and their comprehensive studies on rental trends in nationwide marketplaces are frequently featured by news outlets. Dwellsy is a Fund IV investment.

Empo Health logo

Empo Health provides visual-based remote patient monitoring for patients at risk of diabetic foot ulcers, using a simple bathroom scale. Diabetic foot ulcers are a brutal complication of diabetes and occur at a higher rate in disadvantaged populations. Empo is a Fund III investment.

Delpor is a biopharmaceutical company that utilizes innovative technologies to develop once-yearly therapies for chronic conditions. Its technologies enable the sustained release of drugs from a small subcutaneous non-mechanical device implanted during a simple in-office procedure requiring only a local anesthetic.

Candid Logo White Background

Candid is a social video platform designed to turn self-reflection into a social habit. Users record responses to a daily question and record their daily highs and lows, fueling AI-powered features like semantic search, auto-journals, and an aura.

well beam logo

WellBeam provides software services to hospital systems, physician groups, and home health agencies. The software transfers essential medical authorizations and urgent care updates between the medical providers responsible for the patient’s treatment, reducing the patient’s likelihood of bouncing back into hospital.

NanoPharma solutions logo

Nano PharmaSolutions uses a proprietary vacuum nano-coating technology to deliver molecular drugs in patient-centric portable dosage forms with vastly increased solubility and bioavailability.  It is in a pre-IND stage for nose-to-brain direct delivery of CNS drugs with a first-in-human clinical trial planned for 2024.

Eskalera logo

Eskalera is an all-digital employee engagement and organizational analytics platform. The comprehensive, research-based D&I training empowers employees and managers to build awareness, maximize potential, and elevate decision-making – all to drive a better culture, and improve engagement and productivity.

Aromyx Logo

Aromyx has merged biotechnology, data science, and AI to replicate the power of flavors and aromas. The technology allows companies to optimize flavors and scents that drive product development, consumer preferences, and purchase behavior.

Avatour logo

Avatour is a remote collaboration platform for site meetings. Combining full-motion 360-degree capture with real-time communication, it provides remote users with full spatial context, enabling more effective collaboration with on-site personnel.

Banyan Infrastructure Logo

Banyan Infrastructure’s platform creates greater transparency throughout the loan life cycle of infrastructure projects. It enables lenders and borrowers to synthesize key insights, automate contractual compliance, and proactively mitigate risk.

via logo

Via helps companies of all sizes hire and pay international teams with on-the-ground employment support. The platform helps make local hiring, benefits, payroll, and immigration seamless and compliant.

ocho logo

Ocho offers the first credit-building auto insurance. Using Ocho, customers with low credit can build up their scores by making regular payments. Payments are bi-monthly to make it easier and more affordable, and Ocho requires no initial down payment.

grapevine logo

Grapevine gathers like-minded people to donate to a common cause. Their mission is to democratize and diversify philanthropy by working with individuals, nonprofits, and companies.

Statusphere logo

Statusphere is a programmatic C2C marketing platform, allowing brands to get thousands of people posting about their products. Brands use Statusphere to support retail and e-commerce sales, get product feedback, and generate quality user-generated content.

kogniz logo

Kogniz uses AI and computer vision to modernize workplace safety and security. It helps organizations run tabletop exercises for physical security and conditioning training to prepare security teams for real-life events. Kogniz is also a Fund II company.

Irrigreen logo

Irrigreen is a digital sprinkler system that can map the shape of a lawn, preventing sprinkler overlap and reducing water use by up to 50%. It can dramatically lower water bills for customers and conserve

Boombox logo

Boombox designs software to empower the modern remote musician. Their product offers tools for remote collaboration on songwriting and managing song splits with just a few clicks.

Parfait Tailored Hair logo

Parfait is an AI tech-enabled platform providing custom wig products to Black women. It eliminates the need for in-person visits and eliminates the costs associated with customization from traditional stylists. Parfait is targeting a $13B, highly fragmented US wig and hair extensions market.

Lead Sales logo

Lead Sales helps businesses struggling to serve multiple customers on WhatsApp by creating a next-generation CRM for the app in Latin America and will soon target other emerging markets. It ensures good follow-up so companies don’t miss out on sales opportunities.

ioogo logo

IOOGO provides tech-enabled tax and accounting services for businesses and individuals.

Gable logo

Gable helps source, book, and manage remote workspaces for distributed teams while keeping a company’s culture intact.

FounderNest logo

FounderNest uses AI to help innovative corporations identify their next partnership, investment, or acquisition target. Currently in stealth mode, FounderNest counts some of the largest corporations across several industries as customers.

Boombox logo

Boombox designs software to empower the modern remote musician. The product offers tools to collaborate on songwriting remotely and manage song splits with just a few clicks.


Assemble helps companies make systematic compensation decisions to attract, motivate, and retain employees while eliminating inequitable pay.

umami logo

Ugami features a debit card for gamers that offers gamer-oriented rewards for using it. Customers can use their everyday earned rewards points on their favorite gaming merchandise, digital goods, hardware, software, exclusive game sessions, preferred access to esports event tickets and more.

sail internet logo

Sail Internet uses a unique combination of wireless and wired technology to deliver internet service over the air where a direct connection to fiber optic cable is impossible. In communities left behind by aging infrastructure and a lack of choice in internet providers, Sail works with HOAs and management to deliver choice, reliability, and speed.

Empo Health logo

Empo Health offers in-home health monitoring to eliminate the severe diabetic foot ulcers that currently impact 1 in 4 patients with diabetes and disproportionately affects patients from disadvantaged socioeconomic backgrounds. Compared to the non-Hispanic White population, Hispanic patients are currently at 1.4x risk of a major amputation and African-American patients at 2.5x risk. logo

Deliberate is building the world’s leading analytics platform to empower mental healthcare and clinical trials. The aim is to give clinicians and researchers an objective perspective on their patients’ conditions in smarter, more powerful ways.

Axiom Cloud Logo

Axiom Cloud uses artificial intelligence to solve energy and maintenance problems plaguing the underserved commercial cooling and refrigeration industry. The mission is to create a more sustainable future by improving the way that the world’s cooling systems interact with the power grid. Customers include Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Costco and other major grocery chains.

MiSalud logo

MiSalud’s virtual care platform helps provide affordable and culturally-authentic medical care for the underserved Hispanic communities in the US. It can eliminate boundaries between those populations and the medical community, using tech to provide cost effective, end-to-end health solutions, in a user-friendly format.

kogniz logo

Kogniz leverages AI and computer vision to deliver a technology platform for improving workplace safety and security. The platform can be implemented in days and integrates with a company’s existing infrastructure. Companies can rely on Kogniz to provide safer, smarter spaces for occupational hazards, workplace violence, evacuation management, vehicle detection, and anomaly detection. Kogniz is also a Fund II company.


HUSSLUP is a networked marketplace that uses data to make creative talent discovery more efficient and more democratic. The marketplace empowers creative talent to connect with each other for community-generated opportunities. And HUSSLUP gives studios and production companies tools to search this large, qualified talent network.

Hey Jane logo

Hey Jane is a virtual clinic offering telemedicine abortion care that’s private, safe, supportive, accessible, and convenient—for less than half the average in-clinic cost of a medication abortion. Since 2021, Hey Jane has helped tens of thousands of patients. Soon they plan to reimagine care for even more common but underserved treatments.

Chantico Technology

Chantico Technology is a web-based platform used by registered investment advisors that range in both size and complexity. The platform proactively helps manage the client’s portfolio experience through machine and deep learning.

Welcome experience logo

Welcome is a Webby Award-winning video platform that enables firms to produce high-quality internal and external events that resemble an interactive TV show. Other investors include Kleiner-Perkins, Kapor Capital and Y Combinator.

FairStreet is a digital platform that helps independent Medicare agents advise older Americans to make better-informed health and financial choices.

Genesis Therapeutics is accelerating the development of critical new medicines with the industry’s most advanced molecular AI platform. Drugs developed through their process should have faster discovery and higher probability of clinical trial success.

Finalis logo

Finalis is a broker-dealer platform that enables investment banks, placement agents, and fintech companies to engage in a range of alternative investment transactions as intermediaries while complying with regulatory requirements, thereby enabling them to receive deal commissions. Finalis is also a Fund II firm.

novel capital logo

Novel Capital provides on-demand revenue-based financing and resources to drive a company’s software growth, without the drawbacks of traditional options that require collateral, personal guarantees, warrants, or hypergrowth.

Datacy logo

Datacy helps consumers and businesses have more control over their data by deciding what information is collected and how it is shared—and get paid for it.

Avela logo

Avela helps make educational decisions more equitable by giving enrollment, admission, and award officers the tools to make better choices.

AnswerBite Logo

AnswerBite helps content marketing teams save time when creating and sharing engaging content with their prospects and customers.


Syndicate is building Web3-native tools to create and manage Investing DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations). The first product is Web3 Investment Club which allows anyone to rapidly create and manage an investment club on Ethereum.

Rubik homes

Rubik’s platform streamlines the sales process for homeowners. The firm will pay cash for the home, enabling owners to sell their home as-is without paying fees, and offer a ten-day closing for the transaction.

Prixz logo

Prixz is an ePharmacy delivery platform that aspires to be Mexico and LatAm’s digital health provider of choice. The company is compiling the broadest catalog of health and wellness products and building out infrastructure to enable agile and ultra-fast delivery.

Oyster logo

Oyster builds digital financial services for freelancers, startups and small-and medium-sized companies to help solve the painful process when opening a business account in Mexico. Oyster is also a Fund II company,

mosaic voice logo

MosaicVoice builds call center software designed to help agents have better, more compliant customer conversations. The software is on the agent’s screen and listens to customer calls in real-time and uses AI to understand context and intent and dynamically guide the agent through the conversation.

Environxr logo

EnvironXR is immersive retail for E-Commerce. Retailers lose revenue because e-commerce experiences aren’t informative, differentiated, personalized or engaging. EnvironXR’s webAR-based platform offers solutions.

Banyan Infrastructure Logo

Banyan Infrastructure’s platform automates contractual compliance and creates transparency throughout the loan life cycle of infrastructure projects. It enables lenders and borrowers to synthesize key insights, automate contractual compliance, and proactively mitigate risk with greater transparency.

verimmune logo

VerImmune is developing an innovative and programmable virus-inspired particle (ViP) platform that can be used as a delivery system to target and treat numerous diseases. They are currently using the ViPs to develop a first-in-class cancer therapy called anti-tumor immune redirection (AIR) which redirects pre-existing memory T-cells from past infections to target cancers for destruction.

kogniz logo

Kogniz uses AI and computer vision to modernize work-place safety and security. The platform can simulate real-world safety and security scenarios. It helps organizations run tabletop exercises for physical security and conditioning training to prepare security teams for real-life events. Kogniz is also a Fund II company.

Eskalera logo

Eskalera’s workforce platform improves organizations by advancing employee retention, productivity, and growth by fusing HR data with employee sentiment, to produce a real-time view of company culture. The platform enables large and medium-sized companies to cultivate culture as a source of competitive advantage. Eskalera is also a Fund II company.

CoreChain Logo

CoreChain is an innovative blockchain-based B2B payments platform built for partners. The platform helps businesses to pay other businesses more quickly and efficiently compared to methods like paper checks, while unlocking working capital from unpaid invoices. CoreChain is the first network using blockchain technology to power payments and financing for marketplaces.

Allocate logo

Allocate’s digital platform offers a new way to access top-tier venture capital. The platform makes it easy for wealth advisors, banks, and family offices to access and track investments into top venture funds and co-investments at well below standard minimums.

sparks logo

Sparkz is commercializing a cobalt-free, American-made lithium-ion battery, while continuing its groundbreaking research and development focused on re-engineering the rest of the battery supply chain to make it easier and cheaper to put batteries in industrial and commercial settings.

Parfait Tailored Hair logo

Parfait uses computer vision and AI technology to revolutionize the way women can buy wigs and hair extensions.

onuu logo

Onuu’s offering combines fintech and insurtech to provide a product bundle for consumers who are currently living paycheck to paycheck and want to improve their financial security. For a nominal monthly fee, Onuu will provide customers with access to life insurance, a credit card and credit line, and automatic transfer of a preset monthly amount into a savings account.

Go School Box logo

GoSchoolBox’s secure platform connects K-12 students with academic specialists, helps teachers prescribe critical after-school support, and gives administrators the tools to assess progress.

Future Family

Future Family makes starting a family more accessible and affordable via advances in fintech, fertility care and telehealth. In addition to offering flexible personalized financing plans, Future Family coaches and supports clients throughout the course of treatment. FutureFamily is also a Fund II company.

Freewill logo

FreeWill offers free online software tools designed to broaden Americans’ access to estate planning tools, while helping them support charitable causes. The firm has helped more than 460,000 individuals create wills and commit nearly $5 billion to more than 10,000 nonprofits through charitable bequests. They just raised a $30M Series B round. FreeWill is also a Fund II company,

Content Groove logo

ContentGroove offers free audio transcription and AI clip creation. Enables users to set up subscriptions to their YouTube or Vimeo channels or upload videos manually; trim or expand the clips; add captions, intros, outros, and music and push to channels of their choice.

Cion digital logo

Cion Digital’s blockchain orchestration platform allows institutions to build finance solutions by quickly and seamlessly connecting their systems with the complex and ever-changing world of decentralized finance. Cion just raised $12M in seed funding.

Beam Impact logo

Beam Impact’s mobile app builds connections between retail brands and customers by converting purchases into direct financial support for non-profits that matter to consumers with no extra cost to them. Beam is also a Fund II company.

sail internet logo

Sail Internet delivers affordable fiber-sourced internet to homes and businesses underserved by other companies.

resolve logo

Resolve is focused on helping more than 77 million Americans struggling with debt to better manage their financial options. Members gain access to money-saving creditor offers, a dedicated personal debt expert, power budgeting tools and credit report tracking. Tens of thousands of people have used Resolve’s guidance to handle more than $1.5 billion of distressed debt.

New retirement logo

NewRetirement helps people create retirement plans that take into account all financial assets including savings, investments, home equity, and human capital and then optimize for long-term peace of mind.

Lex Check logo

LexCheck is an AI-powered contract review platform for large enterprises. It provides attorney-quality automated redlining and facilitates the workflow around negotiating and closing contracts.

FarmRaise logo

FarmRaise is a platform to secure farm funding options and designed to make farm finance more accessible.

Cion digital logo

Cion Digital white-label blockchain orchestration platform helps non-crypto-native organizations as varied as banks, fintech startups and auto dealerships take payment in crypto and offer crypto services. They just raised $12M in seed funding.

OverLay logo

Overlay (an Ulu Fund II company and now a Fund III investment) gives professionals working in the field a precise augmented-reality experience on a portable hand-held device to better understand physical infrastructure in full 3D. The application can be used in the construction, landscaping, surveying, transportation, architecture and utilities sectors. Overlay has finalized a commercial relationship with one of the world’s largest global water utilities, who will be using their technology to identify critical and costly leaks.

eGlint logo

eGlint is developing a handheld biosensor chip that has the potential to upend major segments of the $70b+ lab-testing market. The chip will combine technologies that, while well-validated with respect to certain applications, have never been combined and used for in vitro diagnostics testing. The disposable chip will be developed for at-home use in conjunction with emerging telehealth procedures and point-of-care use where it would enable immediate consultation with a patient’s physician. eGlint is a co-investment with SeedFolio, a Fund III life sciences firm that like Ulu uses Stanford decision analysis and a 10x probability-weighted multiple to make investment decisions.

Carbon Lighthouse Logo

Carbon Lighthouse has a mission to fight climate change by reducing emissions caused by wasted energy. They are developing AI technology to profitably eliminate 40% of carbon emissions generated by commercial and industrial buildings. Carbon Lighthouse software facilitates turnkey energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for office buildings, hotels, large apartment buildings, industrial facilities, and schools.

Big Wolf logo

Big Wolf is a publisher that develops games, using proprietary intellectual property (IP) and third party IP. Their products create innovative monetization opportunities for brands and social media influencers. The platform has 10M top-ranking downloads, has generated $50M in gross revenue, and there are 132 countries where their games are played.

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