We fund the future.

Somewhere, there is a founder team working on an idea that will change the world.

A new category will be launched. Billions in economic value will be created. Millions—maybe billions―of lives will be touched. Perhaps the arc of history will even be bent toward a better future.

At Ulu, we’re confident there are many founder teams that fit the bill right now. Teams with a deep insight into a human need. People with a knack for turning insight into action. Teams with the focus, persistence, and grit to raise the money, attract the talent, and build that world-changing company.

We founded Ulu Ventures with the explicit purpose of finding and funding those great seed-stage founder teams. We’ve put our ideas to the test for more than a decade—and they’re working.

Through multiple seed-stage funds, we have put capital in service of our convictions. We know diversity and data driven decision making is profitable. We take pride in our work over the past 14 years and how the results enable, inspire, and support founder teams to dream bigger, reach higher, and go farther.


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Thoughtful, rigorous, values-oriented and diverse were the things that were really important to me when choosing investors for the cap table and Ulu was a perfect fit."
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