We seed the future by funding, supporting, and championing early stage entrepreneurs.

Core values


Diversity is an essential part of Ulu’s investment thesis; it makes sense and is profitable. Diverse teams tend to be more effective, more profitable and more likely to outperform less diverse organizations because their backgrounds give them a wider array of tools and talent.

Disciplined decision analysis

We generate attractive venture returns using a disciplined, repeatable decision making process that analyzes risk-reward trade-offs. Ulu’s portfolio construction takes into account the low chance of an outlier and optimizes for outlier success.  This approach makes us conventional in the world of institutional investors, but contrarian as compared to other VCs.


We show entrepreneurs how we evaluate startups before they even meet with us by making available a rubric for evaluating startups for seed funding. This communicates the high bar companies must demonstrate to be moved from our qualitative process to the next level of diligence.



The Globetrotter

September 23rd, 2021|News|

Hispanic Heritage Month Georgie Bernardete "Georgie Benardete, CEO and co-founder of Align17, hops on a plane like most people hop on a bus. She is dedicated to finding ways that impact investing will solve some [...]

The Transformer

September 22nd, 2021|News|

Hispanic Heritage Month Chris Aguas "Chris Aguas  founder and CEO of CoreChain is tenacious about raising capital and he’s willing to do the hard things necessary to get a company off the ground. Chris decided [...]

The Experimenter

September 21st, 2021|News|

Hispanic Heritage Month Errette Dunn "Errette Dunn, CEO and Co-founder of Rever, struck us as a very disciplined entrepreneur. He follows the data even if he doesn’t like where it points. He runs lots of [...]