Promoting Diversity on Startup Boards

Diverse workers in conference

Founders have a responsibility to their investors to try and create the best outcome. Having diverse board members makes fiduciary sense because companies where boards are diverse generally outperform financially. Helping our entrepreneurs recognize and reduce bias and consider diversity in all of their major decisions seems like a great way for Ulu Ventures to move DEI forward. We strongly encourage our founders to strive for diversity and inclusion not only on their teams but when they are creating their startup boards. Doing so is not always easy considering the pool of investors that often sit on these boards tend to white and male.

Recently we had an interactive session with Ulu founders and LPs. Diversity on every level was discussed. Miriam had a few thoughts about how founders can go about diversifying their governing boards.

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Picture of Miriam Rivera
Miriam Rivera
Miriam Rivera is co-founder and managing director of Ulu Ventures
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