Fireside Chat with Serial Ulupreneur: Tom Chavez

Tom Chavez, Ulu annual meeting 2020

Dynamic people driven by intense passion. Risk takers willing to go where few (or none) have gone before. High achievers determined to get to their goal, no matter what. If they fail, they pick themselves up and dive in again. Sound like the definition of an entrepreneur?

At Ulu, we are honored to have an amazing serial Ulupreneur, Tom Chavez¬† among the many outstanding CEO-founders in our portfolio. At his venture studio Superset, Tom and his team concentrate on building data analytic startups.¬† Ulu has invested in 4 of Tom’s companies; one of them, Krux, sold to Salesforce for a billion dollars.

Tom’s personal story is fascinating. His grandfather was an illiterate, undocumented worker who came to the United States from Mexico determined to become an American – and he did. Tom’s mother promised she would send all 5 of her children to Harvard. And she did.

At the Ulu Ventures 2020 Annual Meeting, managing director Clint Korver had an online fireside chat with Tom, exploring his background, his startups, and how he keeps fanning his passion around continuing to found and run companies.

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Or listen below. Enjoy!

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