Miriam Rivera

Group of peaceful protesters

Only Justice Will Heal Our Wounds

This pandemic is a kaleidoscope of images, a swirl of feelings for many of us, especially among people of color who, according to ABC News,

Fall trees with yellow leaves near lake.

Time to Make, Innovate, Donate, Volunteer!

As the weeks unfold and Americans continue “sheltering in place”, many entrepreneurs, researchers, business leaders and others have increasingly recognized that governmental response can be

Close up of seedling in a hand

Seed Stage Misconceptions

As an early stage investment firm, we’ve encountered even sophisticated limited partners who have common misconceptions about seed stage. Those misconceptions can lead to investing

Hands with coins

Diversity is Profitable

Diversity is the trendy buzz word for “the right thing” to do, but investors and founders still tend to put it low on a list

Woman with baby on lap

Working Moms Battle Dual Bias

Entrepreneurial moms must often earn credits While female founders may be forced to overcome stereotypes to win the respect and trust of investors, customers and sometimes

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