January 17, 2022

When things don’t go well for founders, their decision to shut down the company is one of the most painful things they’re forced to do as entrepreneurs  —their startup may be their passion and their dream of a lifetime. But what are the signs that say it’s time to close up shop? When should they stop asking investors to financially shore up a losing proposition? And what does shutting down a company mean for an entrepreneur’s future? These are gut-wrenching questions that— unfortunately— some founders must face.

Ulu Managing Director Clint Korver has made that difficult call as an entrepreneur, and he dives into these questions with some valuable insights. You can listen or watch.


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About the Author: Rusty Dornin

Rusty Dornin is the director of marketing and communications for Ulu Ventures. An award-winning radio and television journalist, she was a CNN correspondent for nearly 18 years covering domestic and world news ranging from war to natural disasters and tales of crime and politics