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George Bolanos, Founder and CEO InsideMaps

Hispanic Heritage Month – George Bolanos

“We invested in George Bolanos, founder and CEO of InsideMaps, in 2013 in Ulu Fund I. The proptech platform turns iPhones into powerful 3D scanners and creates accurate recreations of physical buildings. Large companies that use home data for their business use InsideMaps for appraisals, marketing, and inspections. George grew up on a grape ranch in California’s Central Valley, one of eight kids and the child of Mexican immigrants. His love of reading and pulling apart radios drove his interest in technology. He worked at one of the pioneers of the internet revolution, Netscape and one of the drivers of the smart phone revolution, Sony Mobile. As a serial entrepreneur, George has focused on building businesses from deep tech breakthroughs. He is passionate about InsideMaps because of the impact advances in AI and computer vision will have on the lives of millions everyday.”  – Ulu Ventures

George Bolanos Bio

George is the CEO of InsideMaps, a proptech startup that turns iPhones into powerful 3D scanners.  From the iPhone images, InsideMaps leverages machine learning and computer vision to create accurate recreations of physical buildings. Due to InsideMaps’ ability to create enterprise-grade, semantic digital twins easily and affordably, InsideMaps is now one of the fastest growing proptech startups in the world.

InsideMaps is funded and supported by Stanford’s StartX fund, Ulu Ventures and other former executives from Google, Microsoft and many property technology investors.

George was the founder and CEO of 2 other successful Silicon Valley startups and has held leadership roles at Sony Mobile, Nokia, Cisco and AOL / Netscape.

George thrives on his global connections and his diverse background to build capabilities that were simply not possible before.

To relax, George spends his free time with his wife and 2 kids, biking in the Silicon Valley hills.


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