Hispanic Heritage Month – Rodrigo Santibanez

“Rodrigo Santibanez is co-founder of ControlHub, an easy-to-use procurement application that is more efficient than a lot of legacy systems for customers. They uniquely leverage Slack to automate processes that were historically done in email and spreadsheets. While Rodrigo was scaling his first company, EAT Club, he learned first-hand that procurement processes for mid-size businesses were broken: they’re manual, slow and clunky. ControlHub automates procurement workflows, giving management control over how the company spends budgets, while giving operating teams simple online tools to request products and services. As a Latino, Rodrigo is proud to be empowering software development talent in Latin America to build a cross-border organization that serves the needs of mid-size businesses in the US.” – Ulu Ventures

Rodrigo Santibanez Bio

Rodrigo Santibanez is a Mexican entrepreneur and co-founder of ControlHub, an e-procurement SaaS company. Prior to ControlHub, Rodrigo co-founded EAT Club in 2010, a cutting edge food tech firm. He was involved in raising Series A, B, and C rounds for the company and helped it to scale to a $85M food-tech company in Silicon Valley. Early in his career, Rodrigo worked in corporate finance, strategy and marketing teams in multiple countries including Italy, Singapore, Mexico and the US . He holds a BS in Industrial Engineering and studied his MBA at Stanford GSB.

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