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Bismarck Lepe, co-founder of MiSalud

Hispanic Heritage Month –  Bismarck Lepe

“Bismarck Lepe is co-founder of MiSalud, a Spanish language health and wellness app. His parents were migrant farm workers and they followed the seasonal harvests from Mexico, through California and up to Washington state. We knew him from Miriam’s early days at Google and have always been impressed by his incredible work ethic. Bismarck is probably one of the most successful LatinX entrepreneurs at fundraising. He embodies what is possible with higher education and in building technology solutions. He has also worked on numerous projects with brother, Belsasar, underscoring the strength of family in the Hispanic community. With Wizeline and now MiSalud he is “showing by doing” that the Hispanic population in the US and globally have skill sets to share and present large opportunities. ” – Ulu Ventures

Bismarck Lepe Bio

Bismarck Lepe is a Mexican American and a co-founder of, a company connecting the US Hispanic community with primary health and wellness services via its mobile platform. Prior to MiSalud, Bismarck also founded Wizeline and Co-founded Ooyala. As an entrepreneur, Bismarck has had nearly $1B in exits. Early in his career, Bismarck worked with Ulu Ventures co-founder, Miriam Rivera, at Google. He has a BA in Economics from Stanford.

Being a LatinX founder allowed him to see the potential in people across Latin America and the potential in the US Hispanic market. In 2010, Bismarck opened engineering offices in Guadalajara, Mexico before it was common to have nearshore teams in Mexico. With MiSalud, he sees the opportunity to bring health services to a generally underserved population.

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