Hispanic Heritage Month – Gabriel Sandoval

“We’ve known Gabriel Sandoval, Ulu’s General Counsel and Venture Partner, for more than 20 years. During his career, he has ridden the wild swings of Silicon Valley and the tech world, and always remained consistent in his dedication to promote diversity. He was a mentor to our CEO Miriam Rivera and encouraged her to apply for the Google job in 2001, where she became VP and Deputy General Counsel. It was that job that enabled her to have the economic means to start Ulu Ventures. Gabriel combines his superpowers as a long time Silicon Valley attorney with his ability to be a spectacular venture partner. He doesn’t lose sight of the fact (despite the stacks of documents) that we’re trying to accomplish something beyond legal contracts. He shares our vision to encourage the development of URMs and women as founders and to make the entrepreneurial and investor ecosystems more diverse. We salute him and are so very grateful to have him on our team.”

Gabriel Sandoval Bio

Gabriel Sandoval, General Counsel and Venture Partner at Ulu Ventures, has practiced law and advised tech companies in Silicon Valley for decades. He began his in-house work at Oracle in the early nineties, went on to be General Counsel of Ariba supporting its IPO, then Chief Legal Officer of Deem (fka Rearden Commerce). Through these roles, he participated in the highest levels of management and gained experience in all aspects of growing companies.

Experiencing the roller coaster of Silicon Valley over the years, Gabriel has been an integral part of some very successful companies as well as some not so successful. Gabriel likes to say he knows a lot because he’s seen a lot.  In post in-house work over the last several years, Gabriel has advised start ups and public companies in an acting General Counsel role which included providing insight to founders/CEOs on daily business decisions and company deal negotiations.

Gabriel is excited to bring his wealth of experience not only to Ulu but to its portfolio companies.

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