Hana Yang, co-founder of Allocate

The Connector

Hispanic Heritage Month – Hana Yang “At Ulu Ventures, we’ve had the pleasure of knowing Hana Yang for a number of years through the Kauffman Fellows

Tom Chavez, serial tech entrepreneur

The Serial Ulupreneur

Hispanic Heritage Month – Tom Chavez “Tom Chavez is incredibly smart, driven, thinks big, wants to change the world and he’s got the horsepower to do

Hands with coins

Changing Assets Under Management

Ulu Ventures CEO and Managing Director Miriam Rivera urges industry leaders in venture capital to make a concerted effort to invest in diverse managers. Changing

Close up of seedling in a hand

Seed Stage Investing 101

What makes Ulu Ventures excited about investing in a startup? Managing Director Clint Korver talks about the essentials founders need before Ulu makes the decision

Hundred dollar bills fanned out in hands.

Changing Access to Capital

  Ulu Ventures changes access to capital by following multiple strategies. We invest in diverse founding teams ourselves. We’ve built a methodology to help us

Miriam Rivera outdoors

Ulu in Action: Q3 Edition

Ulu’s long term focus on diversity and venture capital drew intense interest over the last quarter and Miriam was in demand to share that perspective

Group of peaceful protesters

Only Justice Will Heal Our Wounds

This pandemic is a kaleidoscope of images, a swirl of feelings for many of us, especially among people of color who, according to ABC News,

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