Hispanic Heritage Month – Hana Yang

“At Ulu Ventures, we’ve had the pleasure of knowing Hana Yang for a number of years through the Kauffman Fellows Program and her work at First Republic Bank. Raised in Argentina, she came to the US when she was 15. Hana is passionate about democratizing access to information, capital and investment opportunities. She built the first comprehensive database of all women working in venture capital, investing and operating roles in the US and worldwide. At Allocate, she and her co-founder Samir Kaji make it easier for investors of all types and sizes to have a programmatic way to access high quality private venture fund investments. They are transforming a market that is inefficient and exclusive to one that is transparent, financially inclusive, and efficient. Hana believes with greater access to capital it will enable the capitalization of a broader and more diverse set of underlying VC fund investors. These VCs in turn, will ultimately back more founders building better technology that elevates people’s lives. We believe in Hana’s mission.” – Ulu Ventures

Hana Yang Bio

Hana is co-founder of Allocate which offers a low-cost and frictionless avenue for investors to invest in highly vetted and researched top-tier emerging and established venture capital fund opportunities.

Prior to Allocate, Hana was a Managing Director at First Republic Bank’s Venture & Technology vertical where she closely worked with over 350 emerging venture capital firms and family offices. She also founded and led the Women In Venture (WIV) initiative, which included building a database and mapping over 1100 women across roles working in the venture capital sector, launching the annual WIV compensation survey and report and oversubscribed WIV annual summits. Hana was also a partner at an early stage accelerator and early ecosystem builder for Latino/LATAM founders and startups, co-author of the first angel investing book written from a women’s lens, and part of an early stage venture-backed crowdfunding startup.

Hana obtained a BA from UC Berkeley, an MS from Columbia University, and completed the prestigious Kauffman Fellows (Class 20) venture program. Her favorite activities are yoga, traveling and enjoying golf with her husband Kevin and baby Hunter. But above all the most favorite activity is to speak Spanish with Samir.

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