Creating a Gym for Mental Health

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Why Mental Health is Critical to the Success of Organizations

In recent years there has been a shift in how employers view mental health in their organizations. Eduardo Medina, Co-founder of BetterUp, an Ulu Ventures portfolio company, was captivated by the idea of creating a “gym” for mental health. He believes there is a strong connection between mental health and the success of the employees and an organization overall. BetterUp is a mobile platform for personal growth and professional development for executives and employees.

The huge awakening around diversity, equity, and inclusion, impacted BetterUp’s mission. Organizations are now willing to invest in their people and in creating inclusive environments. According to Eduardo, coaching needs to accessible in all stages of employees careers and especially to under-represented employees. As Eduardo says, “it’s okay to ask for help and it’s okay to feel that everything is not okay all the time”. During the Ulu Ventures annual meeting, he spoke to Ulu CEO and Co-Founder Miriam Rivera about how employers are re-thinking their strategies around building their companies and helping their employees through some very challenging times. There are also some tips for founders to build support networks pro-actively to stay mentally healthy and that can also help performance.

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Rusty Dornin
Rusty Dornin is the director of marketing and communications for Ulu Ventures. An award-winning radio and television journalist, she was a CNN correspondent for nearly 18 years covering domestic and world news ranging from war to natural disasters and tales of crime and politics.
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