Project Description


Develops products to enable rapid adoption of renewable energy and deliver an intuitive interface for the home

SpanIO’s first product integrates renewable power, energy storage and electric vehicle charging for homeowners by redesigning the electrical panel for modern energy needs. A modern home solar and storage installation typically requires the installation of a significant amount of hardware that must be added to the customer home. This can include a communication gateway, an automatic transfer switch to disconnect from the grid, a sub panel to connect the solar system to the existing electrical system for the home, and a charging station for an electric vehicle.

All of these functions are consolidated directly into the main electrical panel through the Span IO panel. Homeowners can install solar without having to add more new boxes to the side of the home, streamlining the functionality at the same time.

Span’s app lets customers decide, from anywhere, how they will let the stored energy in their home power network be used in the event of an outage. This is enabled by its integrated communication gateway that replaces what would have been a separate standalone enclosure on the side of the home.’s founder and CEO Arch Rao was formerly Head of Products and Sales Engineering for Tesla and helped design Tesla’s Powerwall.