Project Description


Helping essential professionals realize the dreams of buying homes

Landed helps these people build financial security near the communities they serve. The firm invests as an equity share partner in home purchases with educators by providing up to half of a standard down-payment on a home, up to a limit of $120,000. In exchange for the down-payment support, the home buyer repays, at a future date, the principle along with a sum totaling 25% of any gain or loss in value.

Landed first tackled theSan Francisco Bay Area, where the team created a shared equity down-payment program. Since then, they’ve expanded to help school employees navigate different options for buying a home. Now Landed has expanded its reach to K-12 and higher education employees across Seattle, Portland, Denver, Los Angeles, San Diego,Hawaii and Washington D.C.

Landed began the program with educators, and is looking to expand the program in the future to healthcare workers and first responders.

The Landed down-payment program is financially supported by organizations like the Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, and TIAA, who share the commitment to helping educators live near the communities they serve.

Landed CEO co-founder Jonathan Asmiss talks about the value of participating in the Ulu Ventures market mapping experience