Project Description


Transforming the way credit facilities are analyzed, managed, and sourced by offering comprehensive corporate loan management software and services

Consumer financing such as credit cards, car loans and personal home mortgages have long offered transparent options for consumers. Through the Cerebro platform middle market companies can enjoy similar levels of comparative data and competition for their loan facilities. Designed for middle market companies, capital advisors and lenders, Cerebro addresses two key components of the commercial loan process: sourcing corporate loans and ensuring loan covenant compliance.

Through data-driven algorithms, Cerebro can match borrowers to the most competitive lenders across senior, junior and unitranche debt options. By aggregating hundreds of commercial bank and non-bank lenders in one platform, corporate borrowers can analyze financing options before speaking to lenders, streamline the credit RFP process, and access more loan options than previously. Cerebro’s Lender Network includes mezzanine funds, venture-debt lenders, asset-based lenders, and other private debt funds.

For companies with existing credit agreements, Cerebro’s SaaS platform monitors both financial and non-financial loan covenants ensuring companies do not accidentally fail to comply or miss a covenant deadline. With multi-user access and portfolio reporting capabilities, lenders and private equity firms can now monitor their loan portfolios without having to wait on PDF submissions.

Cerebro Capital’s corporate loan management software is helping stakeholders in the corporate borrowing and lending ecosystem transform the inefficient processes of debt placement, lender-borrower pairing, and managing loan covenant compliance.

Connected to over 650 bank and non-bank lenders, the platform saw the number of inquiries surge, and propelled the organization to triple digit growth in the first quarter of 2020. As the lending landscape becomes more complex and competitive, it’s important for borrowers to run systematic processes to ensure they understand the full spectrum of capital available to them. Cerebro does just that.