Big Ideas. Diverse Founders. Disciplined Decision Making.

Ulu Ventures is a seed stage venture firm investing primarily in Enterprise IT, Smart Data and the opportunities created by Stanford and broader Silicon Valley tech ecosystems

Ulu seeks to invest in diverse founder teams with deep insights and big ideas using a straightforward sequence of information gathering, risk assessment, and due diligence to advance prospects through our pipeline.

Adhering to a principled, repeatable decision-making process helps reduce cognitive bias in our investment decisions and makes Ulu’s founders among the most diverse in the industry.

In all phases of our data-driven, decision analysis process, we seek to be transparent to entrepreneurs and limited partners.

Our approach and point of view make Ulu Ventures unique among venture firms.

How we think about…

Seeking diverse founders

Diversity is an essential part of Ulu’s investment thesis.This is both a socially beneficial conviction as well as smart business. This guiding principle has consistently provided Ulu Ventures a meaningful advantage in sourcing and ultimately funding high-performing founders and firms that other venture firms systematically overlook.

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Evaluating seed stage startups

Have you ever wondered how a venture capital firm evaluates a potential investment? You’re not alone. We hope what follows will help you better prepare any documents you send us and enhance any conversations we may have.

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Making quality decisions

At Ulu Ventures, we seek to generate attractive venture returns using a disciplined, repeatable decision making process that analyzes risk-reward trade-offs. This approach makes us conventional in the world of institutional investors, but contrarian in the world of venture capital.

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Decision analysis and portfolio construction

In most asset classes, portfolio construction is an exercise in risk reduction. In early-stage venture, however, portfolio construction can be a powerful tool for increasing returns, not just decreasing risk.

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Valuing digital assets

In certain cases, our decision analysis based approach requires asset-specific customization to accommodate special considerations that are unique to a class. Digital Assets are one such case.

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Supporting founders

Today’s entrepreneurs want VCs who care about their values and vision. We strive to learn about our entrepreneurs on a human level, to celebrate who they are and support them in being authentic to their aspirations.

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