Accelerating Discovery, Engagement, and Monetization for Podcasters

Founder and AAPI Ulupreneur Kal Amin is a Silicon Valley pioneer…only he’s never lived in Silicon Valley. Since the late 1990s, Kal has worked at some of the most iconic names of the internet age—think AOL, Google, Spotify, and so on— while living on the Eastern Seaboard.

Born in London, […]

A Modern Reboot for the Beauty Industry

For Ulupreneur Simone Kendle, watching her mother struggle to find the perfect wig while going through breast cancer treatment—and then desperately seeking her own solution for postpartum shedding after having [...]

Helping People Reap the Benefits of Diversity through Inclusion

Ulupreneur Tolonda Tolbert learned early on that difference is a fact of life. As human beings, we can learn to live and thrive with difference, or shrivel and perhaps even [...]

Making Online Education Engaging, Interactive and Relevant

Teachers had an enormous influence on the trajectory of Ulupreneur Chris White’s life. He believes his life would have turned out very differently without the good fortune of wonderfully empathetic [...]

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A Pioneer and Inventor Crafting Work Cultures that Work for Everyone

A remark uttered in grade school and an epiphany in college set Ulupreneur Lisa Gelobter  on her life’s path. A 6th grade teacher told her, “ You’re really good at [...]

A Tech-Enabled Beauty Experience for Black Women

Getting bullied at age 10 is what spurred Ulupreneur Isoken Igbinedion, co-founder and CEO of Hairtelligence, to embark on a lifelong mission. She was the only Black person in her [...]

Making the American Dream Possible for Essential Professionals

Homeownership was a gamechanger for the family of Alex Lofton, co-founder and CEO of Landed. Landed helps essential professionals like teachers, healthcare providers, and local government employees put a down [...]

Building Better Connections to Alternative Investing

As a former nuclear engineer who worked on energy infrastructure, it’s only fitting that Perrin Quarshi, CEO of RealBlocks, would create a similarly robust and complex system in the investment [...]

Taking Big Steps Towards Creating Inclusive Cultures

Creating Inclusive Cultures that are Sustainable and Accountable You know you’re a rockstar when you leave your last company for a startup and the Wall Street Journal treats it as [...]

A Diverse Investor’s Special Sauce: Their Network

A Diverse Investor’s Special Sauce: Their Network by Nancy Torres, Principal at Ulu Ventures As a Latina investor working at a Latina-led VC fund, I’ve memorized all the diversity statistics [...]

Conserving the World’s Most Valuable Resource Using Mobile AR

The Silicon Valley tech scene exploded just when Ulupreneur Chris Morace, founder and CEO of Overlay, graduated from Stanford in the 1990s. He jokes that his was the last class [...]

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