Making Rentals Part of the American Dream

When you can’t find anyone else to fix a problem, sometimes you just have to do it yourself. Jonas Bordo, Co-founder and CEO of Dwellsy, realized the rental marketplace was broken, especially after the decline of Craigslist as a go-to rental site. In the real estate industry for […]

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Conserving the World’s Most Valuable Resource Using Mobile AR

The Silicon Valley tech scene exploded just when Ulupreneur Chris Morace, founder and CEO of Overlay, graduated from Stanford in the 1990s. He jokes that his was the last class [...]

Managing the Workforce of the Future – Now

Streamlining Workforce Management The workplace landscape, particularly for shift and temp workers, was already shifting pre-pandemic, and now there has been a sea change. The recent rise in workers not [...]

The Passionate Pioneer

Hispanic Heritage Month Miriam Rivera "Miriam Rivera, Co-founder, Managing Director and CEO of Ulu Ventures, is one of the leading Latinas in US venture capital, championing early-stage innovation and diversity, [...]

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