Ulu Ventures June News

Ulu kicked off summer by announcing the promotion of two of our incredible investment team members to partner! We celebrated our LGBTQ+ colleagues, founders, friends, and  families during Pride Month. And Ulupreneurs raised more  than $185M during the month of June. Just imagine […]

Tidying Up for Peanuts: Robots are Checking Into a Hotel (And More) Near You

An entrepreneurial pioneer in the computer and robotics age, Ulupreneur Joe Augenbraun has been founding companies for decades, and even took one public. At heart, he’s always been a tinkerer. [...]

Helping Families Grow With a More Personal, Affordable Fertility Service

Ulupreneur Claire Tomkins describes herself as an “unlikely candidate” for her current position as a healthtech founder and CEO at Future Family, a firm that helps make fertility care more [...]

Ulu News May 2022

We are honored to have 85 Asian American and Pacific Islanders as founders in the Ulu portfolio and have spotlighted a few of their amazing stories in honor of AAPI [...]

The Sustainability and Healthcare Champion

Kathy Chen - Senior Principal Kathy Chen is a passionate and talented investor who brings deep subject matter expertise from her academic studies as well as her investment banking and [...]

How VR-Based Learning Experiences Can Help Us Understand Bias

Ulupreneur Heather Shen credits her family for the work she’s doing today. After her parents immigrated from China and landed in Rhode Island, Heather had to figure out what it [...]

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Accelerating Discovery, Engagement, and Monetization for Podcasters

Founder and AAPI Ulupreneur Kal Amin is a Silicon Valley pioneer…only he’s never lived in Silicon Valley. Since the late 1990s, Kal has worked at some of the most iconic [...]

Deploying Capital for Sustainable Infrastructure Projects

Growing up in Vancouver, Ulupreneur Amanda Li started fighting climate change back when the naysayers were still in full swing. She dreamed of inventing something that would help the planet [...]

Expanding Access to Financial Services in Emerging Markets

As a child of  Filipino immigrants, Ulupreneur Kevin Gabayan grew up in California as an aspiring techie that dreamed of becoming an inventor. A few decades and four patents later, [...]

Raising $3M a Day for Nonprofits

When we first met Ulupreneur Jenny Xia Spradling, Co-CEO of FreeWill, she talked about how hard nonprofits were struggling to raise money and firmly believed charities were willing to pay [...]

Transforming Everyday Shopping into Nonprofit Impact

Growing up in Cleveland, Viveka Hulyalkar began her entrepreneurial career at the age of five by selling bookmarks. In grade school, emulating her hero Nancy Drew, she gave out business [...]

Banking on Gamer’s Passions

Ulupreneur Hector Hulian’s nine-year-old son was relentless when it came to prodding his Dad to buy him new video games. It was his son’s passion that later sparked Hector’s imagination. [...]

Making Environmental Sustainability Profitable for Building Owners

Ulupreneur Raphael Rosen, CEO of Carbon Lighthouse, grew up hearing stories about John Muir and Teddy Roosevelt, and internalized the ethos that if we don’t actively protect natural beauty and [...]

Ulu News March 2022

It’s spring and there’s new growth to celebrate! Ulupreneurs raised more than $215M; Ulu made some exciting new investments; founders shared their amazing stories; and we had a chance to [...]

The Quest to Move a Trillion Dollars into High Impact Charities

Ulupreneur Jenny Xia Spradling, the daughter of immigrant Chinese parents, grew up in Washington State. When she visited China as a child—where her not-so-distant relatives were still living in the [...]

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