Trina Weller - VP of Analytics and Operations

Trina Weller

VP of Analytics and Operations
Champion of the data driven

I lead Ulu’s initiatives to build more efficient, data-driven processes.

I support Ulu’s efforts to systematize and scale Ulu’s decision analytic approach to evaluating startups and building robust portfolios. I also lead Ulu’s initiatives to build more efficient, data-driven processes in key operational areas from investing to firm management.

I was a co-founder of Outcome Software along with Miriam Rivera and Clint Korver. At Outcome, I managed deployments of the firm’s decision analysis-based enterprise software and later served as CFO. I have over 20 years of experience as a decision professional and executive educator at Strategic Decisions Group, Applied Decision Analysis, and my own consulting practice. I have guided clients through complex, high-stakes decisions in multiple industries including technology, telecommunications, energy, venture, and life sciences. I hold an MS in engineering-economic systems from Stanford University and a BS in mechanical engineering from Michigan State University. I am a faculty member of the Strategic Decision and Risk Management certificate program offered by Texas Executive Education at the University of Texas at Austin and a Fellow of the Society of Decision Professionals.

When not working, you will find me traveling with my family or tending to the over 80 different types of plants in my yard. I take the farm-to-table movement seriously and try to cook with something from my garden every day.

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