November 5, 2020

An IPO, a Series A Financing and fascinating founders continue to draw headlines from major news outlets for Ulu Ventures portfolio companies.


Zebit became the second Ulu Ventures portfolio company to extend a public offering, listing on the ASX.

Ulu Ventures

Business Insider Australia listed Ulu Ventures in a piece that highlighted metro areas were Black and LatinX founders secure the most funding


Yahoo Finance profiled RealBlocks $7m Series A financing.


CBS This Morning called Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck the “most powerful woman on Wall Street” interviewing her about the wage gap for women.

CNBC interviewed Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck about tips for women to savw money by age 30.

Worth Magazine, as part of their Health and Wealth Summit interviewed Ellevest CEO Sallie Krawcheck about how to get Wall Street to be more inclusive.

Forbes profiled Ellevest as the “woman centric” robo advisor.


CNBC profiled Sofi’s launch of a credit card with cash back feature to pay off student debt.

Genesis Therapeutics

Bloomberg profiled Genentech’s partnership with Genesis Therapeutics aimed AI drug discovery.

Coding Dojo

USA Today quoted Coding Dojo CEO Richard Wang in a piece about helping unemployed workers and the future of work.

Octant Bio

MSN/Fox Business News interviewed Octant Bio CEO Sri Kosuri about a new UCLA COVID test with 95% reliability.

Zum & Tomo Credit

Inc. Magazine named 2 Ulupreneurs to their Top 100 Female Founders List, Zum CEO Ritu Naryan and Tomo Credit CEO Kristy Kim.

Buzz Solutions

The World Economic Forum featured Buzz Solutions in piece about wildfires


Contxto profiled Rever and CEO  Errette Dunn about the company’s pivot after COVID




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About the Author: Rusty Dornin

Rusty Dornin is the director of marketing and communications for Ulu Ventures. An award-winning radio and television journalist, she was a CNN correspondent for nearly 18 years covering domestic and world news ranging from war to natural disasters and tales of crime and politics