Ulu in Action – April 2024

Miriam Rivera

Miriam Rivera was quoted in the Kauffman Fellows VC Sentiment Survey about fundraising. The survey showed that among 262 Kauffman Fellows fund managers, the “VC winter” seems to be over and Fellows are deploying capital. Miriam’s quote reflects her positive outlook for 2024 based on Ulu’s investing methodology, which has allowed the portfolio to retain value. You can download the full report here.

Equity Summit

Miriam co-led an Unconference Conversation at the Equity Summit 2024 entitled “How to Balance Pattern Recognition with Open Mindedness.” The summit is an invitation-only gathering that brings together thought-leading LPs and GPs for intimate, off-the-record conversations that drive industry change, resulting in more investments in women and under-represented minority GPs and founders.

Stanford d. School

Stanford d. School

Summer Barghouti spoke at the Design 151 class at Stanford d. School on how to think about impact. She covered her career journey from nonprofit education to venture capital, and dove into how Ulu pursues superior returns and positive impact through the founders in which we invest and the types of communities our companies serve. Her point: you don’t have to be nonprofit to do good.

WoCC/WSL + Alumni Dinner

Miriam spoke on a panel at the Stanford Law School sponsored by the Women of Stanford Law and the Stanford Women of Color Collective. The panel addressed a variety of topics facing women in the legal profession and asked participants to share their breadth of experiences as lawyers in a mix of fields that covered private, public, and in-house careers.

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Rusty Dornin is the director of marketing and communications for Ulu Ventures. An award-winning radio and television journalist, she was a CNN correspondent for nearly 18 years covering domestic and world news ranging from war to natural disasters and tales of crime and politics.
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