Hispanic Heritage Month – Hector Armstrong

“Hector Armstrong is co-founder and COO of Align 17, a Ulu Fund II company that’s a digital marketplace enabling professional investors to identify and invest in impact funds and direct investments. It’s an innovative approach to a big idea, how to match impact capital up with project and scale. Hector loves solving all kinds of difficult problems that might make most people run away. As COO of a startup, he’s essentially the chief problem solver. He’s passionate about applying his creativity and skills to support their mission to bring positive social and environmental change to the world through impact investing. ” – Ulu Ventures

Hector Armstrong Bio

Hector Armstrong is co-founder and COO of Align17, a private digital marketplace that enables professional investors to identify and invest in impact funds and direct investments. Align17 was founded in partnership with UBS Private Wealth, as part of their global efforts to mobilize Private Wealth into achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Hector is an experienced corporate strategist and executive with a +20-year track record of building strong organizations and designing and launching innovative business strategies, from a career in entrepreneurial ventures, financial services, and management consulting.

Hector managed the strategy for Citi’s Global Client Banking at their US Consumer Bank and held a senior strategy role at Citi Wealth Management Latin America (WMLA). He was an investment professional at Citi Venture Capital International, their Latam-focused private equity segment and a founding member of WMLA’s Innovation Team, tasked with creating new and disruptive business strategies. Prior to joining Citi, Hector was a Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group in New York and Boston, working with companies in the Non-Profit, Life Sciences, and Software industries.

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