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Yaritza Vargas, co-founder of Lingo Health

Hispanic Heritage Month – Yaritza Vargas

Yaritza Vargas, co-founder of Lingo Health, has a deep passion for helping young family advocates get access to healthcare for loved ones, especially multi-lingual families. That passion came out of an immigrant’s frustration with the US healthcare system. Health challenges faced by her siblings led her to be a de facto interpreter/translator in a healthcare context since the time she was seven years old. She believes too many people have been left voiceless by the American healthcare system for too long and no matter native language, health diagnosis, or socioeconomic status, all patients deserve to have their voices heard and have access to care. She has created professional and educational opportunities that function to improve access to healthcare. Her spirit is embodied in the phrase, “Tu Lucha es mi Lucha” – Your fight is my Fight.” – Ulu Ventures

Yaritza Vargas Bio

Yaritza Vargas is co-founder and COO of LingoHealth, a digital platform for family members to support their aging loved ones’ health, with a focus on multilingual families. Prior to starting LingoHealth, she was on the founding team and served as product lead of CoachMe Health, a digital health nonprofit focused on chronic disease management serving the Medicaid population. She has an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and graduated cum laude with a BS in Healthcare Management and Policy from Georgetown University. Yaritza is a proud Dominican immigrant.

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