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Errette Dunn, CEO and Co-founder of Rever, struck us as a very disciplined entrepreneur. He follows the data even if he doesn’t like where it points. He runs lots of experiments. At Ulu, we love founders who run experiments to test their hypothesis. Errette empowers the working class people on the factory floor to help their companies make meaningful improvements and increase profitability. He has so much appreciation for the dignity of working class people and their contributions to the work they do. Errette told us he loves it when he’s witness to the “magic when manufacturing leaders simply trust and empower their people”. We see magic in what he’s doing as well.” – Ulu Ventures

Errette Dunn Bio

Errette Dunn is the co-founder and CEO of Rever, the Connected Worker Platform that helps global manufacturers to drive Frontline Excellence by tapping into the full potential of their essential employees.
He was born in Houston, Texas, from an American father and Mexican mother. When he was 3 years old, his family moved to Guadalajara in Mexico, the capital of tequila and mariachi, where he grew up until completing his B. Sc. in Industrial Engineering at the age of 23.
Shortly after, he moved to Brussels, Belgium to work in the European HQ of Toyota Motor Corporation. After some years, he moved with his young family to Toulouse, France, to work in the global HQ of Airbus as part of the first Lean Transformation team of the aerospace company.
By 2013, Errette was living the “European Dream”: a growing family, a good and stable job at Eurocopter (the helicopter business unit of Airbus), 8 weeks of paid vacation per year, and the beautiful weather of the Provence region of France. But a short visit to Silicon Valley shook him out of his comfort zone and changed the course of his life. As part of a Global Executive MBA program at IESE Business School, this visit to the San Francisco Bay Area introduced Errette with the unique type of entrepreneurial spirit of the region: high energy and speed, embracing risk and failure, and aiming for big and transformative impact.
Errette, his wife and 4 kids left the comfort of the good French lifestyle backed by a stable corporate job, and crossed the Atlantic into a new entrepreneurial adventure. After working for a few years in Wrike (back then, an early stage startup), Errette joined the Founder Institute and started Rever.
As of this writing, Rever now employs 25 people in the US, Mexico and Spain and serves over 300 factories in more than 40 countries for world-class manufacturers like Hyundai, Bridgestone, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, GlaxoSmithKline, Mars and Grupo Bimbo.
Errette loves spending time with his wife and six kids hiking outdoors or making music indoors.
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