Team Human

FarmRaise founder

The Power of Finance in Farming

Growing up on a cattle ranch in Virginia, Ulupreneur Jayce Hafner watched her family struggle yearly to make ends meet. As hard as they tried,

David White

Negotiating for Lasting Change

Whether he was setting up lemonade stands or hawking items at the local flea market with his mother, David P. White was a born entrepreneur:

Simone Kendle

A Modern Reboot for the Beauty Industry

For Ulupreneur Simone Kendle, watching her mother struggle to find the perfect wig while going through breast cancer treatment—and then desperately seeking her own solution

Khalief Brown

Streamlining Home Renovations

Ulupreneur Khalief Brown is a lifelong creator with a drive to help people visualize and realize their dream living spaces. After personally managing over 100

Ismail Maiyegun, CEO and Co-Founder of Big Wolf

Re-Imagining the World of Gaming

When he was 12, Ulupreneur Ismail Maiyegun’s father threatened to take away his computer and Nintendo unless he used them productively. Two days later, his

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