FreeWill NYC

Raising $3M a Day for Nonprofits

When we first met Ulupreneur Jenny Xia Spradling, Co-CEO of FreeWill, she talked about how hard nonprofits were struggling to raise money and firmly believed

Light bulb with sparkler

Ulu in Action – April 2022

From Latinx Leadership Awards and judging Latinx startup competitions to fireside chats with major pension funds and conversations with the San Francisco Federal Reserve about

Ugami founder Hector Huilan

Banking on Gamer’s Passions

Ulupreneur Hector Hulian’s nine-year-old son was relentless when it came to prodding his Dad to buy him new video games. It was his son’s passion

Diverse workers in conference

Promoting Diversity on Startup Boards

Founders have a responsibility to their investors to try and create the best outcome. Having diverse board members makes fiduciary sense because companies where boards

Field of Poppy Flowers

Ulu in Action – March 2022

March was Women’s History Month and we celebrated our female founders with some amazing stats highlighting their accomplishments. Bloomberg Equality Summit Miriam was featured on

Mind the Gap

Healthcare Investing: Mind the Gap

As a millennial, I’ve mostly thought of and interacted with healthcare as a discrete service, something to activate only when I need it, or something

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