Project Description

Streamlining AI Supply Chain Management

Taulia’s AI-powered platform helps companies negotiate supplier discounts in exchange for early payment; perform cash forecasting and invoice automation; and streamline supplier management. Companies access the value tied up in their supply chain by transitioning from inefficient and often manual working capital management practices into technology-led process optimization strategies.

The vision is to create a world where every business thrives by enabling buyers and suppliers to choose when to pay and get paid, liberating cash across the supply chain. A network of more than 2 million businesses use the technology and Taulia processes over $500 billion a year.

As a leading global provider of working capital solutions, Taulia is trusted by over 120 of the world’s largest companies with clients including Airbus, AstraZeneca, Nissan, Telstra, the UK Government’s Crown Commercial Services and Vodafone.