Project Description

Delivering affordable high-speed internet access to homes and businesses using low-power wireless technology

Fiber optics changed the infrastructure of the internet but also left many consumers behind. Miles of fiber optic cable are just out of reach of the average home or business. Sail Internet closes this gap by bridging service between industrial fiber and consumers using cutting-edge wired and wireless technology.

Where fiber is just out of reach to businesses or multi-unit housing, Sail works with fiber companies to deliver that technology over the last mile.

Where a direct connection to fiber optic cable is impossible, Sail uses a unique combination of wireless and wired technology to deliver internet service over the air.

Where communities have been left behind by aging infrastructure and a lack of choice in internet providers, Sail works with HOAs and management to deliver choice, reliability, and speed.

Hear from co-founder and CEO Kevin Fischer about how Sail focuses on doing one thing well: ensuring everyone has access to the highest speed, net neutral internet service available.