Project Description

A platform for cities to manage the future of mobility

The Populus Mobility Manager platform helps cities to securely access data from shared bikes, cars, and electric scooters. The advanced analytics software integrates live data feeds from multiple passengers in a user-friendly platform to help cities monitor shared mobility services and work more seamlessly with private operators. Users can log into a single dashboard to gain real-time insights on how many vehicles are in operation, manage incidents, and make data-driven mobility policy and planning decisions.

More than 80 cities on 4 continents and the world’s leading mobility operators trust Populus to deliver the data and information that can help them deliver a safer, more equitable, and more sustainable transportation future.

Founded by transportation PhDs from MIT and UC Berkeley, Populus combines over 30 years of experience building advanced travel simulations for cities, public-private partnerships, and transportation enterprise SaaS sales.