Project Description

A digital platform for family members to support their aging loved ones’ health, with a focus on multilingual families

LingoHealth empowers young family advocates with improved visibility to get their loved ones to the most appropriate site of care and better manage their health. Patients receive support in their preferred language and cultural context.

Multilingual families are 3 times more likely to have Millennials involved in caregiving when compared to English-fluent households. For non-fluent English speakers, family advocates bridge the culture, language, and technology barriers in accessing healthcare.

The LingoHealth co-founders, Jessica Chao and Yaritza Vargas, met as graduate students at Stanford University and collectively have a decade of experience working in healthcare. Jessica is the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants and worked at the intersection of finance and healthcare at Goldman Sachs, TPG Capital, and Define Ventures. Yaritza is a Dominican immigrant, has experience working with federal healthcare payers, and on the founding team of CoachMe Health, a digital chronic disease management non-profit.