Project Description

Helps speed up the process of matching vetted engineering talent to companies with open positions

The platform allows job-seeking engineers to practice free, anonymous, online technical interviews with senior engineers from industry leaders who’ll run them through hyperrealistic algorithmic or systems design questions and give actionable feedback.

Companies seeking talent, in turn, can get fast access to candidates who perform the best in the practice interviews, often a better predictor of ability than a resume. Employers can skip the phone screen and conduct anonymous follow-up interviews on the platform, thus helping to avoid bias.

By moving the technical interview to the front of the process, can reduce the time it takes to hire engineering talent. In many cases, it’s possible to go from first conversation to offer in less than a week.

At a Pre-Money event in San Francisco, CEO Aline Lerner describes how founders can learn to package their story and how Ulu Ventures helped in that process.