Project Description

Software applications for privacy-safe data sharing, real-time analytics, automated segmentation and optimization across all of the major cloud providers

Habu’s modular operating system interoperates with existing marketing technology, in many cases even extending the capabilities of legacy systems, so marketers don’t have to invest in yet another platform. With Habu, brands can build a more durable data foundation and drive multi-channel personalization with automated privacy compliance.

With over 50 years of combined experience building cutting-edge marketing technology, including Krux (acquired by Salesforce in 2016), the founders understand the challenges of implementing omni-channel personalization. Siloed platforms with minimal interoperability, incomplete identity resolution, confusing privacy legislation, and a low rate of innovation have created a scenario in which consistently personalized experiences for consumers can seem out of reach for many brands.

Habu is committed to simplifying the personalization of messages, content, and experiences without replacing marketers’ existing technology. Brands often do not have the time or resources to make legacy technologies do what they were never built to accomplish. Habu can help automate and remove the many of the complexities standing in the way of deep, rich interactions between brands and consumers. Habu is truly omni-channel and supports emerging platforms like voice, OTT direct internet broadcasting, in-car, podcasts, etc.