Project Description


Free Will

Democratizing philanthropy by providing legal and financial access so all Americans can give in ways that benefit them and the causes they care about

Since FreeWill’s founding in 2017, more than $4 billion in transformative non-cash gifts (bequests, stock, crypto, charitable distributions from IRAs and more) has been committed to charity through the platform, which has more than 700 nonprofit partners that help provide the support for FreeWill’s no-cost estate planning tools that have served more than 400K consumers to date. As of Q1 2022, the company raises nearly $6m a day for charity.

Co-founders, Patrick Schmitt and Jenny Xia Spradling, met as graduate students at Stanford University, both determined to make an outsized impact on the world. They serve as Co-CEOs of FreeWill.

Schmitt is a leading innovator in nonprofit fundraising and technology for social impact. He is the founder of two nonprofit organizations and served as the Head of Innovation at, where he helped grow that organization to 100 million users in just four years.

Spradling is a veteran of McKinsey and Bain Capital, where she helped to launch the firm’s first impact investment fund. She was also named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 List for Social Entrepreneurs in 2019.


CEO Jenny Xia Spradling describes the journey to build FreeWill and how it grew so quickly.