Project Description

The full-stack financial services platform for farmers

Founded by a “farmer-obsessed” team in 2020, FarmRaise is committed to scaling profitable and ecologically sustainable farm businesses through financial access. The company’s first product is an end-to-end farm funding solution that helps farmers apply for regenerative agriculture grants, reducing days of research and paperwork to minutes. Since launching, the company has attracted nearly 10K farm businesses and processed millions in funding applications.

FarmRaise is stacking additional funding opportunities onto its platform to unlock capital for on-farm renewable energy, Organic and Grass-fed certifications, and market research to grow farm operations. The company is also developing cash flow features with margin-tracking tools to help farmers expand their businesses and benchmark their revenue. FarmRaise has secured partnerships with leading Fortune 500 agribusiness companies like Cargill and Corteva to connect farmers in these supply chains with grants to reduce their carbon footprint.

FarmRaise was founded by Albert Abedi, Sami Tellatin, and Jayce Hafner. Abedi is a full-stack engineer and product manager with experience building products at Microsoft, Amazon, and at the cybersecurity startup Expanse. Tellatin (MBA/MS Stanford) is a former Manager at the U.S. Department of Agriculture where she published leading research on soil health and farm economics. Both Tellatin and Abedi were named to the Forbes 30 Under 30 list for financial innovation. Hafner (MBA/MS Stanford) grew up on a cattle farm in Virginia and experienced the pain of growing a farm business firsthand. She and Tellatin met at the Stanford Graduate School of Business and bonded over their shared passion for scaling soil health practices across America’s farmland.