Project Description

Enables large and medium-sized companies to cultivate culture as a source of competitive advantage

Eskalera’s workforce platform improves organizations by advancing employee retention, productivity, and growth through fusing HR data with employee sentiment, to produce a real-time view of company culture

Short interactive experiences from Eskalera’s proprietary content engine, draw on the latest evidence-based findings in diversity and inclusion to generate valuable signals about employees’ experiences.

When a valuable employee leaves, whatever the reason, it’s costly and disruptive to the organization. Research suggests that replacement costs can be as high as 50%-60% of an employee’s annual salary with overall costs ranging anywhere from 90%-200%. Eskalera can help employers obtain real-time insights on culture and inclusion that serve as an early warning system for regrettable employee attrition and productivity loss.

The Eskalera unifying principle is that diversity and inclusion strengthen innovation, boost financial performance, and ultimately contribute to the success of the business. Companies need to make diversity in all forms—ideas, backgrounds, cultures, and personalities—a central priority.

When employees feel included, when they feel that they fit into the bigger picture, their morale, productivity, and performance improve. This edge may be just what an organization needs to outperform rivals and better serve customers.

Co-founder, and serial entrepreneur Tom Chavez, driven by his own experiences as a second-generation immigrant bootstrapping his way through tech, believes inclusion and diversity are more than a business imperative; they are a planetary trend. Chavez previously built two companies, one of which he exited to Microsoft and the other, an Ulu Fund I company, to Salesforce.

CEO, Dane Holmes, talks about Eskalera and working with Ulu.