Creating a More Transparent and Inclusive Private Market

Hana Yang

Ulupreneur Hana Yang is no stranger to working hard to achieve access. Her South Korean parents moved to Argentina where she spent much of her childhood happily swinging from vines, yes vines, in the tri-border Amazonian waterfalls and jungle. But as the only Asian family in a small town, it was often difficult to build relationships because she was different. Her family then moved to Kansas, where she was again, one of a handful of Asian people in her school. Her parents created businesses from the ground up in two completely different countries and cultural societies. She credits them for instilling in her an entrepreneurial spirit as well as resiliency.

Hana was attracted to venture capital because she believes it fuels innovation and can help change the status quo. She joined Kauffman Fellows in 2015, a leadership- and venture capital-focused program. There she met her co-founder Samir Kaji, also an immigrant. She worked with Samir at First Republic Bank before they launched Allocate, a digital platform that enables investors to efficiently build and manage institutional-quality portfolios.

Miriam and Hana on stage

There are 31 team members at Allocate, representing 15 different states and speaking 17 different languages. Hana talked with us about how building diversity is not only key to their team but is also part of Allocate’s mission to create a more transparent and inclusive private market for the innovation economy.

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