Ulu Spotlight

Augie Fabela, co-founder of Fastforward

The Renaissance Man

Hispanic Heritage Month – Augie Fabela “Before Augie Fabela co-founded Fastforward, he co-founded one of the world’s largest telecom companies in Russia, VEON. He’s also a

Eduardo Medina, co-founder of BetterUp

The Next Gen Coach

Hispanic Heritage Month – Eduardo Medina “Eduardo Medina is co-founder and COO of BetterUp, one of Uu Ventures multi-billion dollar portfolio companies. The platform provides one-on-one

Federico Baradello, founder and CEO of Finalis

The Deal Facilitator

Hispanic Heritage Month – Federico Baradello “Federico Baradello, founder and CEO of Finalis, came to Ulu through a cold email. It’s one of the few cold

Beatriz Acevedo, co-founder of SUMA Wealth

The Media Powerhouse

Hispanic Heritage Month – Beatriz Acevedo “Beatriz Acevedo is a tech and media powerhouse, having started her career in radio and TV, and later, founding mitú,

Tanya Menendez, co-founder and CEO of Snowball Wealth

The Trail Blazer

Hispanic Heritage Month – Tanya Menendez “Tanya Menendez approaches big, complex issues with an innovative vision, unparalleled drive, and a desire to create a better tomorrow

Jorge Heraud, co-founder and CEO of Blue River Technology

The Disruptor

Hispanic Heritage Month – Jorge Heraud “Jorge Heraud convinced us of his long term vision in 2012 as co-founder and CEO of Blue River Technology. We

Georgie Bernardete, CEO and co-founder of Align17

The Globetrotter

Hispanic Heritage Month – Georgie Bernardete “Georgie Benardete, CEO and co-founder of Align17, hops on a plane like most people hop on a bus. She is

Chris Aguas, founder and CEO of CoreChain

The Transformer

Hispanic Heritage Month – Chris Aguas “Chris Aguas  founder and CEO of CoreChain is tenacious about raising capital and he’s willing to do the hard things

Errette Dunn

The Experimenter

Hispanic Heritage Month – Errette Dunn “Errette Dunn, CEO and Co-founder of Rever, struck us as a very disciplined entrepreneur. He follows the data even if

Maricel Saenz, founder and CEO of Compound Foods

The Coffee Futurist

Hispanic Heritage Month – Maricel Saenz “Coffee without the beans is a concept bound to get any java drinker’s attention.  Maricel Saenz, founder and CEO of

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