Building Better Connections to Alternative Investing

As a former nuclear engineer who worked on energy infrastructure, it’s only fitting that Perrin Quarshi, CEO of RealBlocks, would create a similarly robust and complex system in the investment world. RealBlocks is a technology platform that provides access and liquidity for real estate funds, private equity, and other alternative investments.

During his time in investment banking, Perrin got excited when alternative investments were finally created for retail distribution; he used his own tech knowledge and personal interest in private real-estate investing to build RealBlocks. It’s a complex platform with many different stakeholders and players—lawyers, accountants, auditors, and custodians—that connects advisors and investors to alternative investment managers, automating formerly manual processes using blockchain. Historically the purview of institutional investors only, Perrin is committed to democratizing access to the very best alternative investment opportunities.

Perrin is smart, thoughtful, and tenacious; he’s going to do his own thing come hell or high water, so it’s only fitting that some of his hobbies—skiing, surfing and crossfit—involve that same degree of daring, dedication, and focus. We interviewed Perrin in 2021 about his passions around building RealBlocks. You can watch or listen.

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About Perrin Quarshi

Perrin is the Founder and CEO of RealBlocks, an online platform that provides access and liquidity for alternative investments. Today, advisors are primarily limited to raising capital only within their local market. With RealBlocks, these managers can now raise capital in any international market using the RealBlocks platform to directly connect with institutional and intermediary channels. Perrin began his career as a civil engineer at NAC International, where he focused on the development and finance of energy infrastructure projects. Following 6 years at NAC, Perrin earned his MBA at MIT Sloan, conducting research on the implications of blockchain technology for capital markets. As an associate in real estate investment banking at Barclays, he conducted M&A transactions for various REIT and private equity sponsors, which gave him the inspiration for RealBlocks as a technology that could greatly expand the availability of alternatives.



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